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Rent from 100€ /month
Available for sale.

For rent and for sale in this building:

  • Storerooms

Storerooms of various sizes for rent under the building. Area from 12 to 66 sq. meters. Dry, warm and secure. The temperature all year round is about 15 degrees. Installed central fire alarm system. Video surveillance system. Door measurements 2.00 m heigh, 1.00 m width, gate measurements 2.00 m heigh x 2.50 m width. Ceiling height ~ 2.50 m. Accessible by lift, through a fire escape staircase with a magnet or through the parking with the remote controller. A possibility to drive to the premises with a car through the parking. Accessible 24 hours per day.

Rental price – 96 EUR per month for 12,5 square meter. Sales price – 7000 EUR 600 for square meter.
Rental price – 422 EUR per month for 66 square meter. Sales price – 36000 EUR 550 for square meter.

The minimum rental period – 12 months.


Theres a possibility to look at the property, just contact us via:

Phone: +370 616 44445

Email: info@sandeliukunuoma.lt

Additional services

Additional services

• Shelving rental: 4 Eur/month (90cm x 45cm x 180 cm, 5 shelves), 5 Eur/month – (120cm x 45cm x 180cm, 5 shelves).
• Alarm system. Offers suggested individually.
• Additional electrical installation and accounting. Offers suggested individually.
• Video surveillance system. Offers suggested individually.
• Internet. Offers suggested individually.
• Insurance. Offers suggested individually.
• Additional ventilation. Offers suggested individually.
• Water. Offers suggested individually.
• Sewerage. Offers suggested individually.



Rygos st. 8, Vilnius 05264, Lithuania


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