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Outdoor Parking lots for rent

Outdoor parking lots for rent on Girulių st. 14A at Perkūnkienis (Pašilaičiai) near the 16th and 14th buildings at Girulių st. (near “Broniaus krautuvė” shop).

Standard measurements (5.00 x 2.50 m). Parking lots are behind the automatic boom barrier opens by phone call. Road signs are installed. Enterance located ner car wash at Perkūnkiemio st. 49 building.

Rental price – 30-35 EUR per month. Duoble parking space (for families) -50Eur/month.

No minimum term for rent required.

Other parking lots in this area:
Price 40 Eur/month + VAT at Perkūnkiemio st. 43.
Price 45 Eur/month parking lot at Perkūnkiemio st. 17.
Price 40 Eur/month behind the street bump (near car wash) at Perkūnkiemio st. 49
Price 35 Eur/month open parking area (near carwash) at Perkunkiemio st. 49
Prices 40 Eur/month + VAT car parking lot behind the street bump at Girulių g. 13A


Also there is possibility to use mobile APP “Barking parking” or to rent a parking lot for few aurs / days/ months.

Theres a possibility to look at the property, just contact us via:

Phone: +370 616 44445


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Perkūnkiemio st. 49, Vilnius 12144, Lithuania

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