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Rent from 40€ /month
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Garages under the dwelling for rent. Garages are secure, with electricity and with an individual fire alarm system. Stable temperature 5-15C. Various measurements from 10 square meter to 200 square meter. Accessible through the joint automatic gate or through the staircase.  Ceiling height – 2,6 m. Accessible with a car 24/7 (car height up to 1,90 m). Garages are suitable for storing goods, motorcycles, cars and so on. There is a wi-fi internet.

The minimum rental period – 3 months.

Rental price – EUR 7 for square meter per month.


  • Underground parking

Underground parking lots for cars or motorcycles under the dwelling for rent. Secure parking, installed fire alarm system. Under the building, behind  the additional garage door (a very limited number of people can enter the area). The site is warm, safe, equipped with fire alarm and video surveillance system. Access to the car park through common automatic gates or from outside through the fire staircase.

Rental price for car – EUR 50 per month.

Rental price for motorcycle – EUR 30 per month.

The minimum rental period – 3 months.


Additional services

Additional services

• Racks rental: 4 Eur / month for a unit.
• Alarm system. Offers suggested individually.
• Additional electrical installation and accounting. Offers suggested individually.
• Video surveillance system. Offers suggested individually.
• Internet. Offers suggested individually.
• Insurance. Offers suggested individually.
• Additional ventilation. Offers suggested individually.
• Water. Offers suggested individually.
• Sewerage. Offers suggested individually.


Eitminų st. 16, Vilnius, Lithuania

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