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Storerooms for rent in Vilnius.

We are one of the most popular choices when searching for temporary storage facilities when repairing/renting a house, moving to a foreign country, storing sports/car inventory, storing company assets or archives, when starting e-commerce business, keeping the company’s back-up copies of data and servers, when mining cryptocurrency Bitcoin and etc.

Our strengths

  • Price. Guaranteed lowest prices in Vilnius!
  • Location Choose the most convenient location for you from 7 places in Vilnius
  • Speed and clarity. The possibility come and see in person and after choosing to get the keys right away.
  • Individual solutions according to your needs:
    • A driveway to the storeroom, different temperature modes, measurements of the rooms, the highness, width and height of doors and gates.
    • Different levels of security: armoured doors, fire alarm, local or centralized security system.
    • Electricity up to 40 kW, water, sewage according to your needs.
    • GMS, Internet.
    • Other services (racks rental services, transportation services)
  • An opportunity to buy a storeroom or a garage!